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Let’s cut through the hype you may be seeing as regards Internet marketing of Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Summerfield or Oak Ridge real estate. Sure, every agent worth its salt has a website. And, my website is better than most in presenting my seller listings to showcase them to their greatest potential. And, I'm really good at all of that SEO, Search Engine Optimization, stuff. That’s the stuff I do on my site to get as high in search engine results as possible to get the most in search engine visitor traffic.

However, hyping up this SEO and site traffic is really ignoring the reality of the Internet and any single website’s visibility; unless you’re Yahoo or Google. There is no single real estate website that’s likely to enjoy more than a single digit percentage of searches performed by buyers looking for local properties. That’s because there are hundreds or thousands of real estate sites and they’re all fighting for searchers, but these searchers are also using a half dozen search engines or other resources to locate real estate in our area.

Why tell you this? I want you to learn about the power of “syndication,” and why I spend significant resources, time and effort in syndicating your listing information to a great many real estate websites much larger and more heavily visited than any local real estate websites. I have systems in place to have your listing on dozens of websites, including Yahoo, Trulia, Zillow, and others, and within days of your listing going live.

Looking Better than the Competition
-Professional HD Photos (large format, edited, white balanced & color corrected)
-Aerial/Drone Photo & Video (including flyovers, community amenities, waterfront,etc)
-Narrated Video Tours (15% of realtors surveyed offer it, 85% of sellers surveyed want it)
-Panoramic Virtual Tours (50%+ of buyers select an option to only view homes with virtual tours)
-Professionally Written Description (every detail is there guiding buyers through the property)
-Interactive 360 Tours (buyers can look around each room using google 360 technology)
-3D Digitized Floor Plans (an accurately measured 3D digital model of your home)

More Exposure than Anyone Else
-Individual Property Website (sharable links for social media, email a friend, contact agent, etc)
-Individual Youtube Video (professional video walk-through, not a slideshow)
-LISTING on Zillow, Trulia, & (9x more clicks than regular listings)
-MLS® Listing syndicated to 80+ other search sites (wherever they’re looking, your home is there)
-Just Listed Postcards* (neighbors have helped sell many of my listings)
-Facebook & Instagram Ads* (targeted by income, age, potential buy time, & location)
-Retargeted Ads* (ads appear across the internet following a buyer viewing your listing online)
-Open House* (highly advertised open house with significant turnout)

Effective Buyer Conversion
-Direct Buyer Contact (my sales team’s contact info on everything, not a receptionist)
-QR Codes (“scan for more info” on all marketing captures buyer phone number)
-Effective Follow Up (tactful, persistent, and long term buyer contact via phone, text, email, & social media)
-Drip Email Campaigns (to passively convert buyers that may be on the fence)
-Property Brochures (a reminder by the front door for buyers to take with them and consider later)
-Regular Mail (property flyer mailed to internet leads)
-Agent Follow Up (calls to agents who’ve shown your home can often uncover hidden opportunities)

So, although I'm getting great search engine exposure, I'm not relying on it to be my only resource to sell your home through online marketing. Each of those sites to which I syndicate your listing will have links back to the original and complete listing at my website. It’s there that I shine in marketing your Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Summerfield or Oak Ridge real estate property once I’ve attracted visitors from these other sites.

  • I take a full and expert suite of professional quality images of your home. These images will showcase your property and are critical to Internet marketing. Surveys prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that buyers value high quality images more than any other feature of real estate listings.
  • Virtual tours when appropriate are created for your property. Some properties are better marketed with still photographs, others with a slide show of stills, and some with a video and voice–over. I’ll work with you to produce the very best marketing approach for your property.
  • Thorough professionally written text descriptions and very thorough information fields to bring every facet of your property to the prospective buyer.
  • Once a buyer gets to my site from these many conduits, I don’t just let them look and leave. I offer showings and other special information about the market and your property in exchange for their contact information. If I can get into direct contact with them, it’s going to increase my chances of selling your property to them.

I get a great deal of our listing business from referrals by our satisfied sellers, so don’t hesitate, let me get started in helping you today! We can discuss listing price, preparing your home, and of course how you will be professionally represented throughout the transaction in-person, but here’s what you should consider… At closing, the agent you hired and their marketing efforts alone will have dictated your bottom line before your home even hits the market. You would be shocked at how many agents do little more than put your home on the MLS. Do your due diligence & call me at (336) 750-6453 / (800) 950-6453 or click here to schedule a listing consultation.

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